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Innovation Talent Is Priceless

We’ll help you identify and engage more innovation talent and increase your innovation ROI

Our Profiler cuts through the hype and guesswork in innovation by enabling you to:

Measure 8 innovation skills and 26 sub-skills strongly correlated with business results, across all sectors.

Form stronger innovation teams.

Hyper-target your innovation training.

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What You Get with the Innovation Profiler

Your Top 3 Innovation Strengths

Every employee has areas of strength that employers can tap. Knowing these strengths helps you form stronger innovation teams.

Your 8 Skill Cluster Scores

The Profiler measures individuals’ Eight Innovation Skills that correlate with real world business results.

Your Overall Innovation Type

The innovation horizon where you are likely to thrive.

Detailed Interpretation Guide

The Swarm interpretation guide enables employees to interpret their own results, and recognize the Eight Innovation skills in others.

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Once You Take the Innovation Profiler, You Can:


Invite up to 15 colleagues to take the Profiler for free. Share results with your team and employer.


Engage employees in innovation according to their skills. Form stronger teams.


Teams formed with the Profiler produce up to 3x the business results.

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Innovation Profiler Plans

Plans and Pricing

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