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  • Swarm adds wonderful depth and dimension to our ability to help our clients build effective innovation teams. It allows us and our clients to better capitalize on existing human resources and unlock the full innovative potential of organizations.
    Michael Graber
    Southern Growth Studio
  • Partnering with Swarm brings a scientific rigor to the identification of an organisation’s innovators and intrapreneurs and the formulation of project teams.
    Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw
    Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw
  • To help our clients transform themselves into exponential enterprises, we’ve got to have an innovation tool and growth platform like Swarm Vision to identify the hidden talent. We then help take their in-house innovators to the next level to achieve delightfully disruptive outcomes.
    Curtis Michelson
    Minds Alert
  • Strengthening the organizational capability to innovate of any corporation needs a rich variety of measures. Just teaching some hip methods and techniques would be too narrowly considered. I like Swarm Vision’s solution, because it helps you to find answers for the critical WHO-questions of the corporate innovation challenge first, before you move to the WHY, WHAT and HOW. Definitely a big value for my clients and me as well.
    Rainer Petek
    Rainer Petek Leadership & Change
  • We encourage clients to use data to validate assumptions. When we applied that principle to our internal practices we became aware that the framework we use was missing a research-based tool for innovation coaching. Swarm Vision fills this gap, enabling our team to consistently aid clients in developing successful internal innovation teams.
    Shelley Iocona
  • Swarm Vision is exactly the kind of tool Innoproach searched for, to help large organizations get more value from innovation in an engaging and cost-efficiant way. Multiple times clients have told us that ‘Yes, this is the way we should drive it”, when discussing how they could utilize Swarm in their business.
    Fredrik Wiik
  • Swarm Vision is an invaluable tool we use at the start of our engagements. The platform establishes a roadmap of the organization’s strengths in innovation, so that we are able to quickly fine tune the organization’s capabilities for a streamlined and effective project that leads to immediate return on innovation.
    Dr. Brett Trusko
    Valkyrie Advisory
  • We’re excited about partnering with Swarm to accelerate the maturity of Product innovation teams through learning practical skills of high impact entrepenuers.
    Sally Elatta
  • Although there is huge potential value for my clients in being able to identify hidden innovation talent and establish a common language around critical innovation skills, the really exciting part of the Swarm system is in its ability to ensure that all of the 8 Swarm skills are adequately represented in an innovation team. The online training modules are icing on the cake and complement face-to-face innovation project coaching sessions.
    Niall McDonagh
  • Our business partners and their clients want an easy-to-use but normatively sound software platform for assessing innovation competencies and skills at the level of the individual and team. Our corporate clients have been in need of a such a tool and there was clearly a big void. With Swarm Vision, we believe we have filled this void as the program’s simplicity and scaleability give us the flexibility to use it in a wide variety of situations.
    Rick Fernandez
    20-20 Innovation, Inc
  • Inovo has been looking for an easy-to-use but scientifically sound software platform for assessing innovation competency at the level of the individual. Our corporate clients have been in need of a such a tool and there was clearly a hole in the market. With Swarm Vision, we believe we have found this platform. Its simplicity and scaleability give us the flexibility to use it in a variety of ways.
    Brian Christian

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