Our Rigorous Methodology

Comprehensive research

  • In-depth qualitative research
  • Correlation study defines skill clusters
  • Correlation study refines the instrument
  • Validation study replicates findings
  • Over 3300 participants in Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa

Highly predictive

  • Differentiates innovators from gen pop (p<.001)
  • Skill clusters significant at .84 and .95 (Cronbach’s alphas).
  • Correlates with serial innovators with 3+ business results (p=.05)
  • Controls for socially desirable responding

Unique in the world

  • Spans the skills needed across the full innovation funnel
  • Based on research among serial, successful Entre-preneurs and Intrapreneurs
  • Developed in Silicon Valley, the innovation capital of the world
  • Validated internationally with three waves of research
  • Algorithm focuses on the skills correlated to real world innovation results.

Let us help you uncover your company’s hidden innovation talent!

Why Companies Choose Us

We have the most comprehensive and rigorous innovation model.
These skills span all sectors and the full innovation cycle, from front to back-end.

Swarm Innovation Profiler vs. The Competition

What It MeasuresBasadurGallup EP10iDNASwarm Vision
Front-End Skills
Back-End Skills
How Well It Measures4 creative problem-solving preferences10 entrepreneurial talents5 discovery skills8 innovation skills and 26 sub-clusters
# of ItemsN/A8960120
Cronbach’s AlphasN/A.32 – .74.76 – .86.84 – .96
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